Nearly fifteen hundred years have passed since a treaty was signed between the Silver Kingdoms and the frighteningly powerful alliance of hobgoblin and the human denizens of Chast (said as it’s spelled). While the darker humans and hobgoblin have not assigned themselves any manner of title, many in the Kingdoms have called their union “The Reaving.” Several small towns have developed in the span that bore witness to many a bloody battle, but no firm foothold of either force has been placed, perhaps in fear of breaching the treaty. The unexpected element that has grown in the past century are quiet whispers of a changed mentality within the Chastian politic, seeking to claim the assets that were lost in the old war, and some that were aimed upon. The Silver Kingdoms have grown lax in the defenses that were once held, with the human forces being the worst in that regard, given the multitude of generations that passed, whereas the dwarven and elven populace are still nursing their grand and great-grandparents’ animosity, and have kept the peace-vigil going.

The 1500 years since

Even with the treaty, Chast continued its control of the areas it had subsumed, and instead moved southerly with such efforts, but at a more manipulative and diplomatic pacing. Their agents also moved throughout the continent in a peaceable manner, despite the loathing of many of the Kingdom’s denizens when in the northern regions. While many feared a coordinated strike to form after the Chastian representatives had spread themselves throughout the lands, such an event never happened. Rather, many returned where they came from after these sojourns, with no real spoken reason as to why such explorations were made.

The cultural development of these worlds took a slow evolution from a late iron age to more refined understanding of an early renaissance. Especially finely crafted steel is quite abundant in the large cities, and the art of properly working mithril was shared with the humans once the elves trusted them not to ruin it. Alchemy developed to a usable form, thanks in part to the gnomes, and, to the right circles, catalogs of magical research were stored in the original sites of the first Kingdom schools. Proper military training became a tradition that was upheld for much of the span, but the human forces became aried in such efforts as generations forgot the conflict. Unity is not quite as strong as it once was, but the dwarves and elves try to hold to what once was, recalling a time when the three had to band together. There are increased rumors that a new Chastian effort is in the works, despite the militant branches of the empire remaining in their relaxed state, but suspicions still exist. Agents from the lands have continued to trickle through periodically, and occasional upsets may be causing such rumors, but where their presence is seen and the rumors begin never seem to coincide.